location: Chicago, IL

date: 2012, 2015

type: installation

role: design, fabrication

ZONE is an interactive installation created in collaboration with Aay Preston-Myint and Rebecca Mir for Preston-Myint's "solo" show at Happy Collaborationists in Chicago entitled "I'm Here to Make Friends". Zone is a series of modular geometric objects made from reclaimed hardwood flooring, other various wood scraps, and a rotating selection of texts, houseplants, and other objects.

For the Happy Collaborationists show, ZONE featured styling and contributions from Mark Aguhar and Claire Arctander, as well as performances by Mark Aguhar/M.C. Butterfly and Xina Xurner. ZONE was featured in the group show All Good Things Become Wild & Free, curated by Danny Orendorf for Carthage College in 2012, and Making Chances, curated by Lorelei Stewart and John Neff at Gallery 400 in 2015.

Reviews of the Carthage College group show can be found here and here