Le Museé du le Grand Dehors

1540992895727 (1).jpg

location: Various, Krabi Province, Thailand

date: 2013 - ongoing, 2018 Thailand Biennale

type: sculpture, research

role: collaborator/designer with Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg

"Le Museé du le Grand Dehors (The Museum of the Great Outdoors) is a sculptural work that uses a tree as the conceptual lens through which we critically examine and expand our experience of western, human-centered notions of ‘nature’ and environment. The title is drawn from the philosopher Quentin Meillassoux of the speculative realism movement, who refers to le grand dehors as that which reaches outside of possible human perception or knowledge. Many continental philosophers, particularly in the lineage of Kant, argue that human knowledge systems are the center of what is knowable and even “real,” because humans are the only beings capable of dimensional perception/consciousness. It is our interest to generate a work that glimpses the edges of our knowledge by expanding a single form into deep time."