Thought I'd show some images of how the MCA Family Day project turned out. The challenge of an activity and artistic process that could be engaged by people of all ages with little interpretation and only using reclaimed material was a fun one. I created 6 large looms made up of reclaimed lumber and discarded resistance bands from a crossfit gym that linked together into a 36' long zig-zagging wall that could support itself. People were invited to weave a large variety of materials into the loom. As the day progressed and the loom filled up, the materials could be squished together to create a tighter and tighter weave. Finally, after releasing the bands from the loom, everything compressed to about half the width for a surprisingly durable, and completely crazy, family day tapestry.

Photos by Eric Allix Rogers

MCA Family Day

Come to the Museum of Contemporary Art this Saturday, 3/12! I'll be taking over the atrium space with a ginormous loom made of scrap wood and resistance bands that families can weave all sorts of garbage into.  11am-3pm